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A More Efficient Clothes Dryer

A quick and easy project that allows you to save energy, money, and improve the humidity of your home in the winter months.

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Daily Living & Beef Stroganoff Pressure Cooker Recipe

Mikki and I try to do small things each day to be more self-sufficient. Sometimes these things double as a hobby. We have made a small vegetable garden and setup an herb planter in the backyard. We love the feeling of cooking with stuff we grew and harvested ourselves.  Even when it is just a couple components out of a larger meal, the food always seems much better!

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Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Weather Station

I did a lot of online research of the available wireless weather stations before picking up the Davis Instruments 6250. I wanted to get an accurate idea of the mean wind speeds at my...

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SOG Trident TF-1 vs Mini Trident TF-21

I started daily carrying a SOG Trident TF-1 over two years ago. I have been extremely happy with it I will discuss the primary reasons I have continued to stick with it and I will also show a TF-21 Mini Trident to go over the differences.

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323 Piece Military General Purpose First Aid Box

This kit is nice and sturdy lightweight plastic case that has a gasket in the lid so that it is waterproof (we haven’t tested this yet though) as well as floats.   The packaging of the first aid supplies allows for a lot of supplies to fit in a tight space, and given some rearranging you have...

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