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    Tony C


    Thank you for your great how-to video on making your own solar generator. I decided to tackle the project using an old military surplus case and with your video and the links, I was able to make my own solar generator which I am very pleased with. It is testament to your ability to convey and teach by video as well as the great links to amazon to find all the necessary parts which is often the hardest part. The only extra thing I added was a cooling fan taken from an old PC and placed it in the lid.
    Thanks again!



    Thanks Tony! Post up some pics if you have some. I would love to see it!




    Thanks for all of your work! Excellent videos and links make it easy to follow.
    My question is: Can you just swap out the blue battery for a comparable lithium, modified sine wave inverter for pure sine wave inverter, and solar management system for one that supports the lithium battery? Do all of the other components work the same for a lithium swap out?






    I was just wondering if you ever considered using 2 each 6 volt batteries to boost up the available amperage? I’m starting on my solar generator this week and would like you opinion please.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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