DIT Recycling Tools for the Shop

Favorite 3 Shop Hacks for Tools Out of Recycled Materials

My favorite ways to re-use common materials & scrap to make handy tools and shop aids. Disposable plastic drinking straws, caps to spray paint, and the stubs from zip ties. Let me know in the comments what handy shop tools you have created from scrap!

Leftover Spray Can Lids, Zip Tie Cut–offs, and One-Time-Use Syringes

I have found that the lids / caps to rattle can spray paint, expanding foam and other aerosol can products can be saved and re-used as small batch mixing bowls for 2 part epoxies, body fillers & spot filling glazes.

The cutoff plastic stubs from zip ties make excellent mixing paddles, and can then even be used as a precise applicator for things that just need a small dab. For larger applications, I like to use wooden popsicle sticks in the same way.

If you or someone you know is diabetic, or has other medical needs where they may be receiving insulin, or even saline solution in one-time-use syringes, I have found these are extremely handy shop aids for industrial applications. You want the kind that either attach directly to a hose, or have a quick detach fitting. Make sure needles are disposed of safely in a sharps medical waste container. If you prefer, you can buy large supplies of these brand new / empty for very cheap. See the links below for an example.

With a short piece of rubber fuel line, you can use these syringes to extract oil from crank cases (if slightly overfilled for example). They also do an excellent job of allowing you to place products like sea foam, or even regular motor oil in hard to reach places with no spillage, and in a very controlled amount.

The great things is afterwords these components can then be discarded, reducing clean up time. Since they were already re purposed waste products, we are not adding any more additional garbage than had they been tossed to begin with.

Upcoming Projects

We have several new projects underway. Next up will be a 48 volt Yamaha G19 electric golf cart that we are converting to solar power with the solar panels on the roof. Once that is complete, I will be making it into a very large mobile solar generator!

Amazon Affiliate Links for several of the items I used in this video

Zip Tie Variety Pack: https://amzn.to/37nTQl2
Industrial Dispensing Syringes: https://amzn.to/2r5uOqm
Loctite Quick Set Epoxy: https://amzn.to/3448sEn
Seafoam Motor Treatment: https://amzn.to/2pCqJJW

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