WISE Company – Cheesy Lasagna

The WISE Company sells a variety of long term stable freeze dried food. Today I will be reviewing their Wise Outdoor Cheesy Lasagna with Meat (6-Ounce)
which when prepared provides 2 one Cup servings.

The manufacture states that the pouch has a shelf life of 25 years. A good friend of mine has given me several of the WISE Company’s meal entrees so that I could review them here. In this post I will only be reviewing the Cheesy Lasagna product.

This product can be purchased either by itself or in large plastic totes that include a variety of meal choices.


The product is very easy to prepare, however to prepare the meal by the directions you will need 2 cups of water (not provided) as well as the ability to heat the water to a boil.

Before cooking, the product looks to consist of a powdery mix of freeze dried food and uncooked pasta.  After bringing the water to a boil, the pouch contents are stirred into the water.

The heat source is removed and you let the product stand for 12 – 15 minutes covered, stirring occasionally.

After cooking the consistency is very similar to a hamburger helper type meal.


After preparing the meal, I was not expecting it to be a great tasting meal, however it was definitely better than I was expecting. Definitely not great, but considering the ease to prepare, and the long shelf-life, the product was quite good. I could not really taste the cheese – it tasted more of a meaty / tomato based sauce flavor with pasta. I ate approximately half of the meal and saved the remainder in the fridge for lunch the following day. Reheating the leftovers the next day, the lasagna definitely did not seem as tasty. It was definitely still edible, but it did not seem as tasty as the day before when it had just been cooked. I would reccomend only preparing what you intend to eat. Leftovers are not nearly as good as the first round with this product.


According to the back panel, the Cheesy Lasagna provides:

  • 260 Calories
  • 12g protein
  • 42g of carbohydrates.

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