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2 thoughts on “About Modern Survivalists”

  1. I’ve been watching your build of the solar system and let me just say.. That’s freaking awesome! Your video and commentary as well as the helpful info you pass along make this the best DIY video on this subject I have ever seen. And believe me, I’ve watched just about every similar project vid available on the YouTube. Just wanted you to know that your effort, as well as your explanation is appreciated very much. Thanks. Looking forward to tackling my own mobile system ASAP. (Mine will travel with me and my motorcycle trailer for camping and touring as much of this great country as I can cover.

    1. Thanks Ken! !
      I would love to see some pictures of your motorcycle solar generator when you have it finished. My wife and I both ride, and we have talked about but not yet stepped up to multi-day treks on the bikes.

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