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The Amazing Yazoo Mower

Yazoo Mowers are becoming increasingly rare, but they have an almost cult following of fans and owners.  They are very unique in their design, allowing them to have a zero-degree turning radius way before the modern hydraulic zero-turn mower was invented, and they have a gear shift lever that allows quick transitions from forward to reverse.

History of the Yazoo Mower


Yazoo Mfg Company, founded in the mid 40’s, made several commercial duty mowers, from a heavy duty walk-behind model called the “Big Wheel”, to the 3 wheeled Master Mower, sometimes called the Yazoo Rider. Yazoo built the 3 wheeled riding mowers from sometime in the 60’s into the 80’s in a factory in Jackson, Mississippi.

The 3 wheeled Master Mower design came in a variety of power plants, with mowing decks ranging from 36″ up to a massive 76″. The model number also designates, the mower deck size. For example: YR-36, YR-42, YR-48, YR-60, and YR-76.

Later on the Yazoo company was merged with Kees, becoming Yazoo / Kees where they eventually made zero turn mowers much like the hydraulic transmission ones that are available today.

My Experience with the Yazoo Mower

I purchased the Yazoo Master Mower at a government liquidation auction. It is a commercial duty mower with a unique 3 wheeled design. Mine has the 76″ mower deck and a 23 HP Kohler engine, with the manual transmission.

My Yazoo mower was placed up for auction by the County maintenance dept. because they had just broken a axle shaft, and although they fixed it, they decided replacement parts were becoming too hard to find. The employee I spoke with was the primary user, and was sad to see it go. He preferred it to their newer commercial zero turn that replaced it.

The 76″ mower deck makes quick work of the hilly 4 acres that we mow with it. It takes some getting used to, but once you are familiar, it can hug directly around a tree and I can mow my four acres with nearly zero trimming afterword.

The blades seem to cut right up to the edges of the mower deck better than any other mower I have used. The only exception on my property is one gated off section where the mower will not fit through the gate. I plan to eventually get an 8′ gate to replace the current one at that location.

At first, the mower did struggle with many of the slopes on our property. I switched the turf style tires out for the ag-style Carlisle Super Lug tire (18×9.50-8), and it was able to climb most of the slopes we needed to mow, many of them well past the 15 degree limitation that Yazoo states. The steepest sections I can still only mow downhill, so I do need to plan the pattern accordingly.

I have unfortunately already broken an axle shaft (the same one that the previous owners had replaced), as well as the wheel hub on the same side. The axle shaft twisted and snapped at the splines. since it was a custom made replacement part, I wonder if the heat treat process was done. I welded the hub back together, and purchased a replacement axle shaft from Wagoner Power Equipment out of Ohio.

Mods I have Done to the Mower So Far

Upgraded Tires to Carlisle Super Lug – 18 X 9.5 – 8  –


Added a Steering Wheel Spinner –


Modified the Mower Deck Idler Pulley for Additional Tension

Yazoo mower belt tensioner.

Tear-down, Overhaul, and Re-Assembly of Yazoo Transmission


How To Adjust the Yazoo Mower Clutches (Coming Soon)


Replacement Yazoo Mower Blades

I have found it pretty difficult to find replacement mower blades for the 76″ cut mower deck, likely because it is a very unusual size – most commercial decks topping out at 72″. In addition to needing to be 26″ long, each blade has rectangular shaped cutout where the blade attaches to the spindle.

I did find that the Dixie Chopper also uses a 26″ blade, but with just a regular 5/8″ center hole at the spindle. These are more common to find and I have been successfully using 3 Oregon 391-526 BLADE DIXIE CHOPPER GATOR G6 replacement blades with my 76″ mower without issue. There is no blade interference, and the blades are actually slightly wider and heavier, have mulching fingers, and have a tungsten carbide cutting edge. They work great! Just make sure to use a lock washer and torque the spindle nuts nice and tight onto the Yazoo deck spindles.

Yazoo Owner Resources

Resources Elsewhere on the Web

205 thoughts on “The Amazing Yazoo Mower”

    1. I have just purchased a yazoo TJD 367231, 6187260, yr60. it has a Wisconsin twin cylinder engine. I can’t seem to find a wire diagram for it. can anyone help me out with this? it would be much appreciated.

  1. Good Morning,
    Looking for a Yazoo owners manual for a model YTKC 25, serial # 9K985645..? Appears to be a 76″ mower deck. Dual wheel, rear steer, front mower deck and a 25 hsp Kohler. Appreciate any help.
    Good Morning G. Dettman,
    I recently purchased and may have to part out should I not get to run properly. I can be contacted anytime at 502-370-1122…

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    1. Looking to replace broken deck shaft on my 24″ Yazoo big wheel walk behind mower. Part #1904-34. Might be interested in replacement mower of similar size if price and distance are right.

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  16. i have two yazoo hydro units that dont work. they are the units with an external hydraulic tank, not the self contained units. does anyone know where i could get some info in repairing them or someone who could do the work? im located in southern illinois and dont really want to travel too far.any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. i love the old yazoos. i can be reached by phone at 618-777-2878, or by mail at fred heaton 10, new burnside, il. 62967

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  21. I need a wheel for a Yazoo 60″ part 2302-004. It’s the small wheel on the back of the cutter. If anyone has one and want’s to sell please text me at 937-369-4294. (BTW have you heard of people wanting to be buried in their cars? My father said he want’s to be buried on his Yazoo mower…:)

  22. I was hired as a ground maintenance supervisor at a 2400 acre private airport and at the time the owner had a 36 inch Yazoo and 2 brand new 48 inch John Deere hydrostatic mowers .
    The Yazoo was the only mower that would guarantee to be running everyday because the hydrostatics at the time were complete junk back in the 90’s . That Yazoo would run 8 hours everyday it was nuts ! To this day i cannot find a mower as reliable as that thing was .

  23. I have a Yazoo 76” diesel 23hp mower. I need mower deck quills but haven’t found any yet. It looks like I may be able to rebuild the broken one and replace the bearings. Also, a Caroni quill from 93” mower may work. If anyone knows of a source for the quills, let me know.

    1. There’s a Yazoo dealer in Beaumont, TX on College Avenue that may be able to get what you need.

  24. I have YZ 36 with an 18 horse B&S single cyl. It (engine) is a 1980 model with points ignition. the plunger that comes out of the side of engine to actuate the points seems erratic and the engine performance follows. Any one know what drives the plunger, a cam, an eccentric of some kind?

  25. Hi Ihave 2 YR48 complete units, and dealer supply of NOS parts. My father was a Wisconsin distributer/ dealer. I would like to sell package, machines and parts together.I live in west central Wi. If interested please call Dave at 715-964-5625.

    1. High dave I have the yazoo 48 and I love it. However I am in need of a few much u asking ng for what you have?

  26. Hi! I am looking for blades to my Yazzo Eagle V (5) with cutter deck serial nr. 797705
    modelnr. 40-EPD-76 Left hand discharge, OBS counter clockwise rotation.

    The blade should be about 26 inches (three blades). Someone who knows any party number that fits?


  27. I have a 60″ Yazoo Hydrostatic drive mower with hauling trailer made by Yazoo for sale. This mower has a 20hp Kohler engine that runs great. I’m a little confused about the model number being 45YHRK-20 because it is a 60″ deck. The serial number is 52260 so does this mean it was built in 1960? This was my Dad’s mower and he loved it and took good care of it. Unfortunately for me the slopes in my yard are to steep for this mower. I have pictures if anyone is interested. I’m located North East Mississippi.
    Call, text or email for pictures and prices. 662-574-8717

  28. I have a Yazoo code 96031311, Type 1198A15988, Model # 350447 with Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 HP V-Twin. Replaced with new Gear box, ran 2 seasons, and various other parts. Will not maintain compression, only reason not keeping. Live in La Porte Indiana. I believe the cutting deck is 56. We inherited the mower in 2006 so this is all the information we have. I do have a number of pictures. I hate to sell it but I can’t afford to rebuild the engine. Let me know if interested in purchasing.


  30. I have a 1948 Yazoo rider 48 inch cut I think runs and cuts great but have bought a new zero turn and have a John Deere also I’d like to sell it but want it to be someone that appreciates the Yazoo

  31. I have a couple of 48 in. decks, located in southern Illinois. if interested, call 618-777-2878. you may have to leave a message, and ill get back to you. thanks, fred

  32. Yahoo 60″ for sale.

    I have a late 80’s 60″ Yazoo 3 wheel mower w/18hp Koler, needs a governer gear. It ran and mowed great before lost the governer. Parked mower and not found any cracks cause from broken gear. Asking $1000 would be worth more if sold parted out, but like to sell as whole. I’m located in Southwest Virginia any question can be sent to [email protected].
    Can send pics on request.

    1. i need starter motor yazoo yr60 . wisconsin engine. 12.5 hp. model#agnd. spec#347296. ser#5235806. was made in late 60 or early 70

  33. Yahoo 60″ for sale.

    I have a late 80’s 60″ Yazoo 3 wheel mower w/18hp Koler, needs a governer gear. It ran and mowed great before lost the governer. Parked mower and not found any cracks cause from broken gear. Asking $850 would be worth more if sold parted out, but like to sell as whole. I’m located in Southwest Virginia any question can be sent to [email protected].
    Can send pics on request.

  34. man that big 76″ deck i’d like to have one of them mower should be worth around $500 decent running condition most i see for sale is around that price what kind of engine is your mower isham ?

  35. I have 23 HP Kohler engine with pto driven psr 76″ mower deck . I need to find a replacement belt for the deck. I am not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated. What would a mower like this be worth in good working condition.

    1. greetings does it have one belt or 2 ? if its a 76 inch deck ,it would have to be one big long belt I have a PsG’s 60 inch left hand discharge two of them and they both have 2 belts that drive the three blades more than likely the width is 5/8 if i can find any info i’ll put another comment

  36. Thank you for the trip down memory lane! Back in the mid 70’s I had a summer job which involved cutting grass on ballfields and I used a Yazoo mower. Loved it!

  37. I have a Yazoo YRK60 with a Koehler Magnum 23 hp engine. It won’t stay running w/o adding fuel to carb. I’ve cleaned the carb, replaced fuel pump. Now I’m considering adding a auxiliary fuel pump.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Jets are restricted in carb or you’re fuel pump is no working…..check to see if float needle is working as well.

  38. Yazoo 20HP Kohler Magnum (YHRK20) w/60″ deck (PSR60) single owner since 1994, 886 hrs.
    Runs and mows, could use battery & adjusting, deck condition 85%
    Located Marion Ohio (50 mile north of Columbus)
    Asking $500 or best offer.
    614-947-9437 [email protected]
    Email me for pictures if interested

  39. I live in Ohio and I am looking for a set of mower blades for our YR-48 Yazoo mower. The blade # 206-748. It has an oval opening in the center of the blade. The mower is probably a 1979. Any help on where to look would be helpful. You can email me at [email protected].

    1. i’ve got a PSG left-hand discharge 60 inch like a 1980 for us? The blades I have that cut out in the center but it actually takes a washer I believe with the same as the blade on the washer that goes over the shaft that the nut holds down have you tried eBay I found my left-handed blades for mine on there

  40. I am looking for Part #0319-014, Cylinder Lift Assembly, for an old Yazoo YTKC25 front cut rider. Mower still runs great but cylinder lost its top vent cap and is leaking when running and really leaking when raising the deck. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. If I can’t find, will have to sell it for parts.

    1. Check Wagoner Power Equipment
      Englewood Ohio
      Ask for Homer Wagoner

  41. I have yazoo YR-60 they both have the 12.5 hp Wisconsin AGND eng. Sitting in Garage for 13 years. Needs work but complete . With new old stock spindle shaft nuts etc. All original books and parts manual etc. Located in Chance Maryland. Call 703-623-0174 calls only please. 100 $ dollars.

  42. I bought a 22″ Yazoo big wheel that was returned for $150 in 1990. Used it for 25 years, sold it for $150. Bullet proof!! Sadly my knees couldn’t keep up with it.

  43. I live in the Dallas area. We are downsizing and I have a Yazoo YR60 with an 18hp Wisconsin twin. Purchased in ~1975 and it still runs well. This is the original design with the twin mower deck drive belts. I have used it weekly to mow our yard until we moved in early January. I also have a flatbed trailer that goes with it. Need to move it pretty quickly. Free to anyone who wants to come to Dallas to pick it up. 972 742 7758 or [email protected].

    1. I may have front wheels for a PSR -60
      Let me check
      Note my email address
      My location is E Central Indiana

    2. BOB,
      My deck is PSR-72 the front tires are size 11X 4.00 – 5
      Probably the same for a PSR-60
      My tires are bad – weather checked / cracked bad. Do you need the caster & wheel assembly ?
      A farm store may have tires for you.
      Ed McConnell 765-541-2203 Near Richmond Indiana

  44. I have two yazoo YR-60 they both have the 12.5 hp Wisconsin AGND eng.. The Yazoo serial number is 46521 and 356581 on the other one. How can I find out what year they were made ? Thank you John

  45. Randy, mowers are up in NE Arkansas, but unfortunately I’m not. But I have family nearby. I’ve got more photos of stuff to try and get uploaded. Thank you for the interest.

  46. My Dad had multiple Yazoo riding mowers for over 30 years. He passed away this past September. We would like to find homes for them if possible. If you think you are interested in something please contact me.
    Tom Dillard – 214-500-2872.
    The mowers are located in NE Arkansas.
    Here is a link to some pictures (hopefully it will work for you)

    1. Hi, Tom, I am interested in a complete or nearly complete unit. Where exactly are you? You have a treasure trove of parts there!

    2. I’m located in west Tennessee and very interested in all the yahoo’s my phone number is 9012146827 if u could call or text if you have anything left or what u would like to get rid of. Thank you

  47. We have a number of older model frames, and six or seven mostly whole mowers, and a number of the twin-cylinder Wisconsin motors. These were all my dad’s mowers. He passed away a few months ago and we want to try and find homes for all this.

    Here is a link with some pictures of the equipment. It is not complete as there are other mowers I don’t have photos of at this time.

    If you have any questions you can contact me here and I can attempt to answer your questions.
    [email protected]

  48. Hey I have a 76 inch cut yazoo with the 20hp Wisconsin, and a box of parts for it, it was running on starting fluid a few years ago but we never got around to fixing it all the way. We really need it gone. Asking 400 but would entertain offers, just need it gone.

    1. What size are you looking for? I have a 22″ self propelled. 1 owner. My grandfather and father were distributors for yazoo in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. This was one of the last ones our store had. I am in NE Texas. It does have the Wisconsin engine.

  49. I was cutting with my Yazoo with a PSG-60 deck and it just stopped moving. I need someone that can tell me how to fix it or fix it for me. I am south of DeKalb, Illinois 630 235 8991

  50. Hi I have a similar problem to the author of the master mower article. I was mowing nicely the other day when I heard a “ting” from the gearbox, then no drive. I think it’s broken a shaft. Once I get it apart would I be able to get part numbers for your supplier in Ohio. Thanks Steve.

    1. I have a yazoo/ kees zero turn fuel injection. All the fuel lines got cut. Can’t find out how to route them. Its zvke72260

  51. Looking to sell a running and mowing Yazoo. All original. We don’t need due to downsizing and selling our property. Not sure what they mean but Some of the #s on it are:
    Tjd model
    367231 spec #
    6043572 serial
    Model 33yr60 18hrs

    1. CARRIE,
      Did you sell your TJD Yazoo ?
      I am in East-Central INDIANA, near RICHMOND, Ind.
      Ed McConnell 765-541-2203

  52. I have a couple of yazoos i have 3 yr60s and a 48 2 wisconsin motors and 2 with kohler enhines and 22 bigwheels i just absolutely love em but i have a 60 with the kohler for sale if anyone interested im located in memphis tn

    1. Interested in a 22″. I recently broke the blade shaft in my 24″ while attempting to replace the bearings. I’m in northern Louisiana.

  53. I have a working yazoo model number 31 YR48 16 sn 522768. engine turns over and runs great. needs a seat and some TLC. needs a rear innertube too. any offers out there? I’m in Wisconsin.

  54. My dad in NE Arkansas has six or seven different Yazoo riding mowers. Most are 60″ I think. He’s modified most over the years with larger twin-cylinder air-cooled engines. He also has a lot of extra parts he acquired over the last several decades. I don’t know the specific model numbers, etc. but would like to start trying to find good homes for these things.

  55. Hey this may be a long shot but I’m selling a yazoo mower with what I believe is the 76 inch deck (has a 76 across the front) it is not running. It comes with 3 tires never used I bought a few years back when I was still trying to fix it. It also comes with a box of spare parts(not sure what is in the box). It needs a steering gear worked on(missing a few teeth) and the last time I worked on it, it was running on starting fluid but not sucking fuel from the tanks. Located in northeast oklahoma. If you have questions or would like some pictures you can email me at [email protected] I’m asking $650 OBO.

  56. HI, anyone have a source for replacement rear wheels for the Yazoo push mowers? I have a 20 inch made about 1982 with the bicycle-type rear wheels and I need two new ones. The wheels on this mower are marked Made in France. They are 16 inch x 2 inch and are rusty. I have the mower restored otherwise.

    1. We have one, part # 2302-123 20″ spoke wheel rim assy only, in stock. Feel free to contact us for more information. If you’re looking for other parts too, we have about $70,000 worth of vintage Yazoo parts in stock.

  57. I also have 2 YR60 Yazoo mowers that I do no use anymore. And a extra TJD motor. Also a extra YR60 Trans and frame and deck. If some one needs parts.

    1. I’m looking for blades for a 60” yazoo any chance of getting a price on those? Shipped if there in good shape to zip code 18840. Would gladly PayPal if there worth the overall price

  58. I am looking for a set of mower blades for a PSR-76 Yazoo mower deck (76″).

    The blades are Yazoo part number 0206-626 or Oregon 91-861 it takes 3 blades for a set.

    Blade size is:
    Length 26″
    Width 2.25″
    Thick .240″
    Center hole 1.25″ X .75″ (Rectangle)

    1. I have been successfully using 3 of these Oregon GATOR G6 replacement blades with my 76″ mower without issue. There is no blade interference, and the blades are actually slightly wider and heavier, have mulching fingers, and have a tungsten carbide cutting edge. They work great! They have a regular 5/8″ center hole – just make sure to use a lock washer and torque the spindle nuts nice and tight onto the Yazoo deck spindles.

    1. Try Jan @ Jadco in Hiwasse, AR. Tell her Nathan Threet told you to call. My parents were distributors for Yazoo for MANY years. She still has a substantial amount of parts.

  59. I have a Yazoo with a 76″ deck that runs off the PTO….I believe that the motor may of been replaced at some point with a 20 hp.. Kawasaki.. ..I have a bag full of the original owners manuals and some extra shims for the height adjustment on the deck..just bought a new battery for it and fires right up and idles as it should… overall in very good condition…can send pics if your interested…my number is 330-931-1440..I live in Ohio near the Wheeling Wv border…

  60. I found a blade for the S-20 I am restoring; would like to find two NOS rear wheels 20-inch spoked but foubt I ever will. Still looking for a YR to restore, in driving distance of Louisiana.

    1. My extraordinary Yazoo psr 60 Kohler ch25s just developed a bent pusher rod suggesting head/valve/piston problems. It has been an incredible mower. Anybody have engine parts or know of a source for parts. Located in Louisiana. May consider sale.

  61. I have a model 39-PTO B 48″ Master mower with the 16 horse Briggs that I use regularly. I am asking $700. and I live in Morganfield KY. area

    1. did you sell your yazoo? I am listing mine. I have the same size you did. Let me know if you know anyone else looking to buy one. Mine works needs a bit of tlc but all good.

  62. We just spent 3 hours pulling a Yazoo master mower with a 60 inch deck and a Kohler magnum 20 motor out of the woods in the back of our property. Any info on where to get parts? Or advice on restoring it would be great. In east TN.

  63. For sale: Two Yazoo YR60,Elsah,Il
    Two Yazoo YR60 zero turn mowers. One mower runs well , 20 Wisconsin 2cyl 20 hp industrial engine, 60″ deck PRO driven, very small cutting radius, reduces trim time. Also includes 2nd Yazoo YR60 belt drive, bad rod, everything else is good; deck, engine parts and main body. If engine was changed you’d have a second running mower. Both mowers for $650. Must pickup

    1. Are these still available ? I’m about 70 miles southwest of you near Pacific Missouri.

  64. I have for sale a Yazoo 60 inch mower, new tires and belts, 2-cylinder Wisconsin engine. Do not need anymore downsizing.

    I am in Taylorsville, NC. E-mail if interested.

    1. Hi Ben, I’m interested in your Yazoo if you still have it. What are you asking for it??

    2. Iive in louisburg N C. and I have a big wheel Yazoo mower with the 3.5 Clinton engine if you see anybody looking one.

  65. Yazoo Riders were great: well-made. People are waking up and wanting them again, so don’t junk one without asking around. I am looking for one now in North Louisiana.

    1. Are you still looking for the blades? We have ten, new old stock, 0206-776 blades in stock. We also have a wide variety of new old stock Yazoo parts.

  66. I have a Yazoo mower with a 60″ deck it uses a PTO so I think that makes it a psg. I am looking for a manual that describes the angle drive – the one I have was taken apart to replace bearings but not reassembled. Does anyone know where I can get a schematic or pictures?

  67. Any one out there know someone in the UK who might be interested in a Yazoo mower?
    I have a Yazoo Master Mower with a 48 inch deck and a 500cc Briggs and Stratton engine.
    I have recently used it and have photos, it is located in Suffolk UK close to an ex US air base so I suspect it got to the UK with the US Airforce

  68. I have a mid-1970’s YR48 that has a 60-inch deck, 9 horsepower Wisconsin engine. Has been in shed and not used for 10 years. Ran when put in shed. Tires are flat. I have pictures available. Location is St. Louis, MO.

  69. I have a Yazoo Master Mower w/ 60″ deck, part #42-PSR60. I was wondering what fluid I needed to put in the pto unit on the deck? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    1. 1994 was the last year for the YHR series….I have a 94 YHRK20 With a 60 inch deck……it’s a mowing monster….love this thing. I also have a 80 model YR-48….I’m looking for 2 speed Trans parts or Trans assembly….would appreciate any advice…Jim

  70. I need an upholstered seat (original type) for my PTO KM 23 (or YR-60). I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has one available. Roger

  71. I need a mower deck suspension spring for a Yazoo YR-60 or a PTO KM23. Please let me know if you know where I might find one.

  72. I have a late 70’s early 80’s model Yazoo Yard Master with a 60″ deck. My wife and I love this mower but the left head cracked. I’m either looking for a head for the 20 horse Kohler engine, or interested in selling the entire unit. Call or text if interested 812-552-4439

  73. I have a yazoo yr 60. Have had 10 years now. Fun to use but does not have breaks. I am trying to find parts. It does not look the greatest but would like to fix. Up. Has Wisconsin motor with magneto.

    1. Kevin,
      Do you still have your YR60? I used to have one and I’m very interested. Where is Freeburg? I’m Roger and I live near Little Rock. Could you text me a photo to 501-517-8346 or e-mail to [email protected]?

    2. Hello,
      Do you still have the Yazoo for sale? I am in NASHVILLE and can easily come pick it up.
      615. 332.1761

    1. any yazoo mower with a pto to drive the deck is not a YR series. I worked for the yazoo distributor in Indiana in parts. everybody wants to call all of them yr. YR’s had a 16 hp briggs, a 12 hp agnd wisc, or a 18 hp tjd wisc engine. Kohlers came out on the models that had the pto to drive the deck. if it has the pto and throws grass to the left that is a psg model deck. if it has the pto and trows grass to the right that is the psr deck. a YR will have 2 belts that go down and make a 90 degree turn to run the deck.

  74. I have a yr60 yazoo, with a tjd Wisconsin motor. motor was overhauled a few years ago, but has not run much since. also new clutches installed in trans., for sale for 650.00. located in southern Illinois. if interested, you can call me at 618 777 2878. also have a yr48, with same motor for sale

    1. Where did you manage to find new clutches? I have a 1972 Yr60 and I’ve been toying with the idea of a total overhaul. My only hang up has been axles and clutches.

  75. I used a Yazoo 60″ in commercial work for several years. It was a great mower with an 18 horse Wisconsin engine.
    I am now trying to get my old Gravely Convertible Tractor up and running for my own use and amusement: another great machine.

    1. Would you be interested in a 16 hp Gravely ( not running ) w/ deck ?
      Located in east -central Indiana.
      I can send pictures.

    1. Ryan,
      Would you possibly have any pics you can share?
      What is your asking price?

    1. I am looking for a Yazoo YR60 or wider mower. Can you all suggest some suppliers for parts?

    1. Bernadette, where are you located? I’m interested.
      Roger near Little Rock

    2. I wonder if you still have the mower what kind engine belt or pto can you Send me a picture

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