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Yazoo Mowers are becoming increasingly rare, but they have an almost cult following of fans and owners.  They are very unique in their design, allowing them to have a zero-degree turning radius way before the modern hydraulic zero-turn mower was invented, and they have a gear shift lever that allows quick transitions from forward to reverse.

History of the Yazoo Mower


Yazoo Mfg Company, founded in the mid 40’s, made several commercial duty mowers, from a heavy duty walk-behind model called the “Big Wheel”, to the 3 wheeled Master Mower, sometimes called the Yazoo Rider. Yazoo built the 3 wheeled riding mowers from sometime in the 60’s into the 80’s in a factory in Jackson, Mississippi.

The 3 wheeled Master Mower design came in a variety of power plants, with mowing decks ranging from 36″ up to a massive 76″. The model number also designates, the mower deck size. For example: YR-36, YR-42, YR-48, YR-60, and YR-76.

Later on the Yazoo company was merged with Kees, becoming Yazoo / Kees where they eventually made zero turn mowers much like the hydraulic transmission ones that are available today.

My Experience with the Yazoo Mower

I purchased the Yazoo Master Mower at a government liquidation auction. It is a commercial duty mower with a unique 3 wheeled design. Mine has the 76″ mower deck and a 23 HP Kohler engine, with the manual transmission.

My Yazoo mower was placed up for auction by the County maintenance dept. because they had just broken a axle shaft, and although they fixed it, they decided replacement parts were becoming too hard to find. The employee I spoke with was the primary user, and was sad to see it go. He preferred it to their newer commercial zero turn that replaced it.

The mower makes very quick work of the hilly 4 acres that we mow with it. It takes some getting used to, but once you are familiar, it can hug directly around a tree and I can mow my four acres with zero trimming afterwords. The blades seem to cut right up to the edges of the mower deck better than any other mower I have used. The only exception on my property is one gated off section where the mower will not fit through the gate. I plan to eventually get an 8′ gate to replace the current one at that location.

At first, the mower did struggle with many of the slopes on our property. I switched the turf style tires out for the ag-style Carlisle Super Lug tire (18×9.50-8), and it was able to climb any of the slopes we needed to mow, many of them well past the 15 degree limitation that Yazoo states.

I have unfortunately already broken an axle shaft (the same one that the previous owners had replaced), as well as the wheel hub on the same side. The axle shaft twisted and snapped at the splines. since it was a custom made replacement part, I wonder if the heat treat process was done. I welded the hub back together, and purchased a replacement axle shaft from Wagoner Power Equipment out of Ohio.

Mods I have Done to the Mower So Far

Upgraded Tires to Carlisle Super Lug – 18 X 9.5 – 8  – http://amzn.to/2aPt4Vj


Added a Steering Wheel Spinner – http://amzn.to/2b1lytS


Modified the Mower Deck Idler Pulley for Additional Tension

Yazoo mower belt tensioner.

Tear-down, Overhaul, and Re-Assembly of Yazoo Transmission


How To Adjust the Yazoo Mower Clutches (Coming Soon)


Yazoo Owner Resources

Resources Elsewhere on the Web

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    1. Ryan,
      Would you possibly have any pics you can share?
      What is your asking price?

  1. I used a Yazoo 60″ in commercial work for several years. It was a great mower with an 18 horse Wisconsin engine.
    I am now trying to get my old Gravely Convertible Tractor up and running for my own use and amusement: another great machine.

  2. I have a yr60 yazoo, with a tjd Wisconsin motor. motor was overhauled a few years ago, but has not run much since. also new clutches installed in trans., for sale for 650.00. located in southern Illinois. if interested, you can call me at 618 777 2878. also have a yr48, with same motor for sale

    1. Where did you manage to find new clutches? I have a 1972 Yr60 and I’ve been toying with the idea of a total overhaul. My only hang up has been axles and clutches.

  3. I have a yr48 with 14 kohler magnum and a 33 pto-w yr60 with the wisconson 18hp both engines run good. s.w. Indiana

    1. any yazoo mower with a pto to drive the deck is not a YR series. I worked for the yazoo distributor in Indiana in parts. everybody wants to call all of them yr. YR’s had a 16 hp briggs, a 12 hp agnd wisc, or a 18 hp tjd wisc engine. Kohlers came out on the models that had the pto to drive the deck. if it has the pto and throws grass to the left that is a psg model deck. if it has the pto and trows grass to the right that is the psr deck. a YR will have 2 belts that go down and make a 90 degree turn to run the deck.

  4. I have a YR60 18 Horse Wisc Engine
    Totally rebuilt mowing deck and new tires
    runs great. $550 Freeburg,IL

    1. Kevin,
      Do you still have your YR60? I used to have one and I’m very interested. Where is Freeburg? I’m Roger and I live near Little Rock. Could you text me a photo to 501-517-8346 or e-mail to lacmusa@yahoo.com?

    2. Hello,
      Do you still have the Yazoo for sale? I am in NASHVILLE and can easily come pick it up.
      615. 332.1761

  5. I have a yazoo yr 60. Have had 10 years now. Fun to use but does not have breaks. I am trying to find parts. It does not look the greatest but would like to fix. Up. Has Wisconsin motor with magneto.

  6. I have a late 70’s early 80’s model Yazoo Yard Master with a 60″ deck. My wife and I love this mower but the left head cracked. I’m either looking for a head for the 20 horse Kohler engine, or interested in selling the entire unit. Call or text if interested 812-552-4439

  7. I need a mower deck suspension spring for a Yazoo YR-60 or a PTO KM23. Please let me know if you know where I might find one.

  8. I need an upholstered seat (original type) for my PTO KM 23 (or YR-60). I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has one available. Roger

    1. 1994 was the last year for the YHR series….I have a 94 YHRK20 With a 60 inch deck……it’s a mowing monster….love this thing. I also have a 80 model YR-48….I’m looking for 2 speed Trans parts or Trans assembly….would appreciate any advice…Jim

  9. I have a Yazoo Master Mower w/ 60″ deck, part #42-PSR60. I was wondering what fluid I needed to put in the pto unit on the deck? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

  10. I have a mid-1970’s YR48 that has a 60-inch deck, 9 horsepower Wisconsin engine. Has been in shed and not used for 10 years. Ran when put in shed. Tires are flat. I have pictures available. Location is St. Louis, MO.

  11. Any one out there know someone in the UK who might be interested in a Yazoo mower?
    I have a Yazoo Master Mower with a 48 inch deck and a 500cc Briggs and Stratton engine.
    I have recently used it and have photos, it is located in Suffolk UK close to an ex US air base so I suspect it got to the UK with the US Airforce

  12. I have a Yazoo mower with a 60″ deck it uses a PTO so I think that makes it a psg. I am looking for a manual that describes the angle drive – the one I have was taken apart to replace bearings but not reassembled. Does anyone know where I can get a schematic or pictures?

  13. I have mid 70s 80s 48 inch with kohler 23 hp has broken gov gear thus points don’t move where can I find used engine parts

    1. Are you still looking for the blades? We have ten, new old stock, 0206-776 blades in stock. We also have a wide variety of new old stock Yazoo parts.

  14. Yazoo Riders were great: well-made. People are waking up and wanting them again, so don’t junk one without asking around. I am looking for one now in North Louisiana.

  15. I have for sale a Yazoo 60 inch mower, new tires and belts, 2-cylinder Wisconsin engine. Do not need anymore downsizing.

    I am in Taylorsville, NC. E-mail if interested.

    1. Hi Ben, I’m interested in your Yazoo if you still have it. What are you asking for it??

  16. For sale: Two Yazoo YR60,Elsah,Il
    Two Yazoo YR60 zero turn mowers. One mower runs well , 20 Wisconsin 2cyl 20 hp industrial engine, 60″ deck PRO driven, very small cutting radius, reduces trim time. Also includes 2nd Yazoo YR60 belt drive, bad rod, everything else is good; deck, engine parts and main body. If engine was changed you’d have a second running mower. Both mowers for $650. Must pickup

  17. We just spent 3 hours pulling a Yazoo master mower with a 60 inch deck and a Kohler magnum 20 motor out of the woods in the back of our property. Any info on where to get parts? Or advice on restoring it would be great. In east TN.

  18. I have a model 39-PTO B 48″ Master mower with the 16 horse Briggs that I use regularly. I am asking $700. and I live in Morganfield KY. area

  19. I found a blade for the S-20 I am restoring; would like to find two NOS rear wheels 20-inch spoked but foubt I ever will. Still looking for a YR to restore, in driving distance of Louisiana.

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