Kubota B20 Tractor

Restoring a Kubota B20 Compact Utility Tractor and putting it back to work!

A friend of mine has this tractor that was been sitting unused for several years. It ran when it was parked, but at the time it was having some overheating issues, as well as we suspect at least one of the injectors was leaking down causing a surge of heavy smoke for a few minutes when it would first start up.

I am going to go through it and get it back up and running. Once I get it back operational again, I may also consider setting it up to run on waste fuels such as used vegetable oil, motor oil, etc.

Kubota B20

First up is get the front tire back on it (was borrowed to be used as temporary spare for a different tractor),new battery, and get the supplies together to change out the motor oil, and coolant.

Kubota B20

It definitely has been sitting for a few years!

Kubota B20
Kubota B20

The hours meter has definitely turned over at least once. I am also not sure what the expected lifetime is on these Kubota 3 cylinder diesels.

Kubota B20 Hours

The engine compartment isn’t too bad. There is a mouse nest in the coolant overflow bottle though!

Kubota B20 Engine

Should be a fun project! Click here for part 2 on the Kubota B20 project.

4 thoughts on “Restoring a Kubota B20 Compact Utility Tractor and putting it back to work!”

  1. Thanks for the great article. I have a B20 that actually caught on fire after I put it away one day. Leaking power steering unit was the cause. I am at the point of painting the dark grey and the orange fenders. Your photos helped a lot. Good luck

    1. Thanks Nicholas! Hope your restore goes well ! I use this little tractor all the time and it has been well worth the time I spent bringing it back. 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,
    Question, did you have any issues getting the seat to slide all the way back? I can get it to go all the way except the last two notches, and that’s where I need it.
    Thanks, Nick

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