Dual Ceramic Water Filter Bag

We recently picked up one of these gravity powered water filtration bags online. The filtration capabilities amazed me and I wanted to add it to my on hand supplies for emergency water filtration.

Manufacture Specifications

The filtration efficiency is 0.5 micron; removal capabilities as follows:
99% Arsenic 5 and 99% Arsenic 3 (special order)
99% Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S special order)
95% Chlorine and Chloramines
99% Taste
99% Odor
98% Aluminum
96% Iron
98% Lead
90% Pesticides
85% Herbicides
85% Insecticides
90% Rodenticides
85% Phenols
85% MTBE
85% Perchlorate
80% Trihalomethanes
95% Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
99.999% of particles larger than 0.5 micron (Staffordshire University Labs) (includes Anthrax)
99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron (Staffordshire University Labs)
98% of particles larger than 0.2 micron (Staffordshire University Labs)
100% Giardia Lamblia
100% Cyclospora
100% removal of live Cryptosporidium (WRc Standard)
100% removal of Cryptosporidium (NSF Standard 53 – A.C. fine dust – 4 log challenge)
100% removal of E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (Johns Hopkins University)
99.999% removal of Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella Terrigena (Hyder Labs)

Product is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth-through (mitosis) that provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth.

Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or damp cloth.

Performance Features

Easy installation Good flow rate / Up to 10 gallons of clean water per hour (gravity flow) Filter will accept water from floods, lake, rain, well, tap, river or stream Annual filter replacement Cleanable with clean damp cloth or soft brush

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