48v Solar Powered Golf Cart

DIY – How to Convert an Electric Golf Cart to Solar Power – Part 1

If you have an electric golf cart, follow along to convert it to a solar golf cart and you might not need to ever plug it back in to charge again! If you don’t have one (yet), I am finding it super handy, affordable (and stealthy!) way of getting around the property. I highly recommend one!

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Our Yamaha G19 Electric Golf Cart

We picked up this golf cart a few months ago for just a couple hundred bucks since it needed some new batteries, which is pretty common for these older electric golf carts. You can see the post about fixing it up here.

Making it Solar Powered

We have decided to convert this golf cart to solar power. Our initial experience has been really good. The cart will need to rest between uses for a while to recharge. We use the cart for getting property maintenance (we have about 10 acres), running tools, and for running back and forth to some of the neighbors. So far in the past two weeks since we have converted the golf cart we have not had to plug it in to recharge it at all!

If we ever do need to recharge faster than the solar panels are capable, we can still plugin the normal AC chargers just like before.

This is the first part in our DIY series for the solar powered golf cart. In this video I will show you how to install and mount the solar panels to the roof of our Yamaha G19 48v electric golf cart.

Step 1: Mounting the Solar Panels

We will be mounting two 100 watt 12 volt Renogy solar panels to the roof of our golf cart. The panels will be mounted securely using roof top mount brackets and two cross pieces of uni strut.

Whats Next for the Solar Golf Cart?

The next video will cover how to wire the solar panels to the charge controller and to the golf cart’s 48 volt battery bank. In the future we may even experiment with turning this solar powered golf cart into a large mobile solar generator!

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  1. Did you make an energy balance calculation? Can you supply few data? Battery voltage and ampshour.
    Motor power
    Geographical location
    Thanks a lot. Gianni

  2. Just got a Ezgo 48 volt lithium battery golf cart and am interested in using my 48 volt lithium battery in my golf cart for a camping solar generator.

  3. This is something I would really like to do as well. What is the lcd screen shown on the dash of the golf cart? Ready to see part 2 on how it is wired up.

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