Loading Tractor Tires Quick & Easy

Loading your tractor tires with windshield washer fluid is an easy upgrade giving more traction, better hill stability, and additional weight / ballast which also helps with using a front end loader. I decided to use  windshield washer fluid since it is inexpensive, easy to obtain, will not freeze, and will not corrode the wheels like calcium and some of the other wheel ballast options.

I also show the progress on my Kubota B20 tractor restoration project in the video.

Quick & Easy Way to Load Tractor Tires

Step 1: Wheel chock and then jack up the tractor. Place it in neutral so that you can freely rotate the rear tire.

Step 2: Remove the valve stem core and attach the garden hose adapter.

Step 3: Connect a short garden hose between the valve stem and the submersible pump.

Step 4: Place the pump into an empty 5 gallon bucket and begin filling with the windshield washer fluid. Plug in the submersible pump.

Step 5: When the pump begins to slow due to pressure buildup in the tire, unplug the pump to vent the excess pressure. Make sure the tire is rotated so the valve stem is at the top to prevent the windshield washer fluid from flowing back out of the tire.

Step 6: Continue adding fluid and venting as needed according to steps 4 & 5 until you have put the desired level of fluid into the tire. Do not exceed 80% full.

You can determine the current fluid level in the tire by slowly rotating the tire while venting the air pressure. When you start to see fluid instead of air exit the valve stem your valve stem is located at the same height as the current fluid level inside the tire.


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