Strikeforce Fire Starter

Strikeforce Fire Starter

I decided to test out the UST StrikeForce Fire Starter. This is the best quality flint bar and striker we have seen. The outer construction is made of very sturdy ABS plastic and inside it contains a very large 1/2″ diameter flint bar. The striker is made from a thick piece of hardened steel. Together they produce nice large and very hot sparks.

Often times when we have used this striker, we have ignited our tinder with the very first strike. The case also contains a handy tinder box built into the handle, which can be used to store your own tinder as you scavenge, or with the small sample pouch of WetFire brand tinder that comes packaged with the striker.

We will continue to update this review as we continue to use the striker. Ofter several uses we have not yet had a single problem, and the striker materials seems to be lasting very well.

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