Kubota B20 head removed

Setback on the Kubota B20 Restoration Project

I just posted several updates to the Kubota B20 project thread in the forum. I had hoped the next update was going to be of a running engine, but instead it’s more tear down pics and photos of cracks in the cylinder head that I missed the first time around.

I knew the head had over heated, and that cracks were very possible with these heads when over heated, but I didn’t want to spend the money on magnafluxing and machine work for this head. It has a badly eroded / pitted #2 cylinder, which according to some of the members over at www.orangetractortalks.com, that alone was enough to designate it as scrap. I wanted to try saving it though, so I was able to resurface it myself which fixed the warped mating surface, I lapped the valves, and not seeing any cracks I was willing  to invest a head gasket to see if it would work.

Unfortunately, there were additional issues I had not noticed. Here are some teaser pics, and you can get the additional details in the build thread: https://www.modernsurvivalists.com/discussion/topic/restoring-an-old-kubota-b20-compact-utility-tractor-and-putting-it-back-to-work


kubota chassis painted 3

Kubota B20 head removed

Kubota D950 eroded cylinder head

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